This Course includes 3 Chapters: The History of the Life of Ajāmila, Ajāmila Delivered by the Viṣṇudūtas, and Yamarāja Instructs His Messengers:

The First Chapter relates the history of Ajāmila who was considered a greatly sinful man, but was liberated when four order carriers of Viṣṇu came to rescue him from the hands of the order carriers of Yamarāja. A full description of how he was liberated, having been relieved of the reactions of his sinful life, is given in this chapter.

In the second chapter the messengers from Vaikuṇṭha explain to the Yamadūtas the glories of chanting the holy name of the Lord.

As related in the third chapter, the Yamadūtas approached Yamarāja, who very exhaustively explained bhāgavata-dharma, the religious principle of devotional service.